Anti-Racism Project

What is the Anti-Racism Project of Third Presbyterian Church?

Our mission is to create sustainable cultural change, driven first by Listening and Learning, then Acting with awareness toward equity and equality across all endeavors through our Inreach, Outreach, Faith Formation, and Public Witness communities.

We are guided by the principles* adopted by Session at its June meeting.

1) to more aggressively confront racism,

2) to seek advice from those whose lived experiences are different from most of ours,

3) to take action to become effective allies in the fight against individual and systemic racism,

4) to work collectively to reimagine and rebuild our community.

*From Greater Rochester Black Agenda Group’s “Racism is a Public Health Crisis” Declaration

The Anti-Racism Project calls for each Board, Committee, and Group at Third Church to identify Learning-Listening Goals for 2021, spend 2021 learning and listening, report in January 2022 on what we have learned, then form Action Goals with Accountabilities.

The Session is overseeing all activities via reports from the Anti-Racism Team whose organizers will resource groups with materials and track and communicate progress to Session.

For those who are eager to begin, the Anti-Racism team will continue to offer weekly learning and listening opportunities and, beginning in October, will facilitate several 4-week small-group learning communities.

Please contact Beth Laidlaw with any questions.