4-week Anti-Racism Small Group Learning Communities

As you may know, the Session of Third Presbyterian Church approved the Anti-Racism Project. 

We are inviting you to participate in small group learning communities about Anti-Racism. Aside from the spiritual and educational benefits of the groups,through this 12-person 4-week interactive learning community (one hour each week) you will develop an understanding of Racism, Bias, Privilege, Marginalization, Being an Ally, Redlining, and Restricted Deeds.

We will draw from Old and New Testament scriptures as we seek to understand our call to live into the Greater Rochester Black Agenda Group’s Racism Declaration and dismantle structural racism in our region.

While the study contains short articles and videos to review before each meeting, our Zoom time will be spent in conversation, trying to unpack what racism looks like in our own lives, at Church, and in Greater Rochester.

The October group is filled.

We have empty seats in our second 4-week group (November Thursdays from 4:00-5:00). 4-week groups will be offered monthly beginning in January 2021. In addition, learning materials from the small groups will be available through the Thursday update beginning in January.

Please contact Beth Laidlaw to claim a seat in the November class.

We are so grateful for your time and energy, particularly during the season of Advent, as we anticipate the One who will bring new light into the world.