Adult Spiritual Formation

Sunday Seminar
9:30am Johnston Hall

March 1: People’s Emergency Fund
Third Church member and “Food Cupboard Social Worker” Gale Myers will share information about how the People’s Emergency Fund operates, and the impact it has for neighbors in need.

March 8: Code Songs and the Underground Railroad
Noted scholar and author Eileen Guenther will discuss the courage of blacks and abolitionists in the joint endeavor to move from slavery to freedom. This is the first of two events she will present that day.

March 15: Israel/Palestine, Part 1 of 3.
DUPC elder Elaine Johnson will explain the “deal of the century” peace plan, the Israeli plan to annex more of the West Bank, and the response of the PC(USA) and other denominations.

March 22: Israel/Palestine, Part 2 of 3.
Tom Foster, Professor of Imaging Sciences at the University of Rochester will speak about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

March 29: Israel/Palestine, Part 3 of 3, “Thirsting for the God of Justice in the Dry and Weary Land.”
Brad and Lynette Sparks and Damond Wilson from Memorial AME Zion Church on last spring’s CRCDS trip to Israel/Palestine.

Living in the Word
Sundays 9:30am, Parlor

March 1: Genesis 2:15-17 3:1-7. “It’s not her fault!” led by Paul Gongloff

March 8: Genesis 17:1-7,  Romans 4:1-5, 13-17, John 3:1-17 and Matthew 17:1-9 “Living Transformed Lives,” led by Dianna Daunton.

March 15: Exodus 17:1-7. “Complaining Forward in Faith,” led by Paul Gongloff.

March 22:  Psalm 23, John 9: 1-41. “Seeing is Believing!” led by Ernest Krug.

March 29: Ezekiel 37:1-11, John 11:1-45, Romans 8:6-11. “Alive in the Spirit,” led by Dianna Daunton.

Thursday Voices
12:00noon, Johnston Hall

March 5: Romans 4: 1-5, 13-17 and John 3: 1-17.
Led by Ernest Krug.

March 12:  Romans 5: 1-11 and John 4: 5-42.
Led by Ernest Krug.

March 19: Psalm 23; Ephesians 5:8-14; John 9:1-41.
Led by Lynette Sparks.

March 26: Romans 8:6-11; John 11:1-45.
Led by Lynette Sparks.