A New Neighborhood Focus

At their January 13, 2022 meeting, the Outreach Committee adopted the following proposal designating a “neighborhood focus”:

Consistent with Third Church’s Anti-Racism actions and our commitment to expanding efforts to become a Matthew 25 congregation, Outreach commits to focus resources and engagement energy in the Joseph-Clinton-Hudson Neighborhood, including, but not limited to these sites/organizations: School 9, Baden Street Settlement and Recreation Center, People’s Pantry, Wilson Commencement Park, and Mt. Vernon Baptist Church.

This commitment is separate from existing Outreach ministries which will not be diminished in any way. We will continue to explore other City neighborhoods, including our own, and to build and strengthen relationships with other organizations and faith groups. Examples of these existing relationships are Family Promise of Greater Rochester (Webster Avenue), Judicial Process Commission, Trinity Emmanuel Presbyterian Church (Shelter Street) and Beyond the Sanctuary (Clarissa Street).

A fuller description of what this means for Third Church will be included in next month’s Messenger. Opportunities for volunteer involvement are many and varied for these existing ministries.