A Letter from the Newest Member of the Generosity & Gratitude Committee

Dear Friends:

I humbly present to you a typical scene from the past seven months of my life. Like many of you, I’m connected—via Zoom—to loved ones or colleagues, sharing our worries, regrets, and exasperation at what 2020 has offered us.

Suddenly, as if on cue, a sticky hand darts out from behind my chair, scuttling its way towards the screen. Before anyone can utter a warning, my Zoom audience is greeted by a crumb-covered face and joyful squeal. A toddler interruption. A welcome toddler interruption. A welcome toddler interruption inevitably leading to discussion about how thankful we are for our human connections and how important it is to cherish what we do have: renewing our faith that things will improve.

Just as those interruptions have become reminders of the support, love, and faith that surrounds me, so too have the weekly Children’s Ministry mailings that my two boys now receive from Third Church. Carefully prepared with a personalized sticky note from Miss Becky, those envelopes serve as reminders of our church family, community and—perhaps most importantly—of God’s love. It’s almost as if Miss Becky anticipates the exact moment when I need a break—and the boys need a personalized piece of mail associated with a Play-Doh table and plastic Noah’s Ark in the nursery.

While most of us probably don’t associate Third Church with Play-Doh or plastic toys, we DO associate it with important memories, people, and our relationship with God. This past year has indeed been challenging for everyone, but reminders of and connections to Third Church are more important than ever. I encourage you to reflect on those moments and connections during these past months that affirm the constancy of God’s love and support you have in the form of Third Church.

With that in mind, each year we are all asked to support Third Church as best we can, both spiritually and financially. By pledging and supporting Third Church’s budget, you inspire future moments and connections for all of us; please know that any amount of generosity is appreciated and valued. In the meantime, I hope you continue to find love and warmth with friends, family, and of course, Third Church.

Yours in faith,
Katie Curtis