Archived Page: 175 Anniversary
Celebrate the Journey 1827-2002
Third Presbyterian Church
Celebrates 175 Years of Ministry
Main Street and Clinton Avenue 

Having purchased land at the corner of Main Street and Clinton Avenue, the officers of Third Church were faced with the need for a better place to worship than School #4. On Monday, January 29, 1827, prodded by the minister, Joel Parker, it was decided that a meeting place should be built. Josiah Bissell said that it could be done in a week. Some doubted. Bissell said, "It is not impossible. If we could make a thousand dollars by building a storehouse for flour this week, we would do it; and it's a pity we cannot do as much for our Master as we should for ourselves." Further objections being made, Bissell replied, "Put me on the committee, and it shall be done. We will worship in the church next Sunday." 

That very hour he bagan to make contact. A master mechanic was hired; with his men trees were felled and a frame laid out and erected. Another set of men put on the siding and roof the moment the frame was up, others went to work with the doors and windows, and others prepared the benches and pulpit. Then Bissell offered a bonus to each one to complete his task ahead of time.  

This was done and the meeting house, 30' by 60', was in use on Sunday. Bissell was a practical man, for the house was built of two units with separate frames which were easily separated. Afterward they were detached and converted into two small dwellings which stood until the beginning of the last century and are shown in our historical display.  


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