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Third Presbyterian Church
Celebrates 175 Years of Ministry
The Centennial Year 1927 

The centennial year of Third Church was observed with various activities, preceded by the installation of Dr. Andrew Gillies as pastor on December 20, 1926.

In addition to commemorative gatherings, particularly "An Old-fashioned Sociable" with attendees in costume, the emphasis seems to have been on gifts to enhance the life of the church:

  • Installation of echo organ and tubular chimes in recognition of the twenty-two year ministry of Dr. Paul Moore Strayer given by his wife
  • Dedication of bronze tablet and boulder at the Meigs Street corner honor Charles Finney's 1830-1831 association with Third Church
  • Publication of A Sheaf of Prayers from Dr. Strayer's ministry, income from which was donated to the church.
  • Installation of eleven chimes in the bell tower made by Meneely & Son, Troy, NY, a gift from the Copeland family, unveiled by Master David Copeland Naramore, Jr. For many years, until the 1960s, the chimes were played every afternoon at 5:30pm for fifteen minutes.
  • A grand piano and additions to the organ
  • A total of $37,000, raised in ten days, to be paid over three years to eliminate indebtedness for the first time since the erection of the church
  • Other gifts were twelve silver communion trays, a silver serving tray with coffee and tea services, a motion picture projector and screen and an oil portrait of Dr. Gillies
  • Gifts of $4,500 to various missions such as Peiking University, a Friendship Neighborhood House on Hudson Avenue, and the endowment of three rooms at the Rochester Presbyterian Home

A suggestion was made, but never carried out, that a "fireproof room for historical papers, records, books and other valuable items" be built.  


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