30 Days with the Belhar Confession Reflecting on Unity, Reconciliation, and Justice
30 Days with the Belhar Confession

During the Advent Season, Third Church will spend time with the Belhar Confession, both individually and in groups using the Devotional Booklet, 30 Days with the Belhar Confession. Plans are in the works to use this material with Thursday Voices, with small groups meeting offsite, and through social media. If you are interested in joining this study, either individually or as part of a small group, please contact Martha Langford (mlangford@thirdpresbyterian.org) by November 13.


Confession of 1967 A Year of Reconciliation
As we begin a Year of Reconciliation, you are invited to explore the Presbyterian Church's Confession of 1967. It will provide the basis for much of our worship, education and outreach activity.

Read it here and watch for upcoming opportunities.

► Download the confession.